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Tamara offers diverse & effective group fitness training, macro & lifestyle based meal plans and nutrition coaching services. Whether your goal is fat loss or muscle gain, or a combination of both, Tamara has the strategy & methodology you need for a well-rounded and fun filled fitness regime to meet your goals. Tamara. offers a community approach to your gym experience unlike any other you’ve experienced in your past. Tamara is more than just a a trainer...... SHE IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE TRAINER. 


The vision Tamara had has evolved over the last 12 years. Formerly known as the TamB. Fitness Stuido with a myriad of physical fitness offerings is now geared toward helping women in 3 months increments lose fat and weight to improve their overall well-being with a focus on cultivating an empowering & fun culture of fitness for women of all ages by fostering a positive community demonstrated by agape love, relatability, transparency, encouragement &  on going support.


The purpose of TamB. Fitness is to encourage, inspire, educate and coach women and men on how to regain control of their health and increase their self-esteem and confidence through fitness and lifestyle transformations while creating balance in all areas of life. Why? Because the process of self-rediscovery yields a heightened sense of self-efficacy.
At our core, is our five pillars of transformation: Mindset, Accountability, Physical Movement, Nutrition , & Community.  
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